St. Charles Children's Home

St. Charles Children's Home provides a safe, loving, and stable home environment for children who cannot be in their own homes due to neglect or abuse. Because they have already faced great burdens in their young lives, the staff works to heal the wounds of each child by providing a nurturing, caring atmosphere where each child is regarded as an individual with unique and important needs.

Since its inception in 1913, the home has played a critical role in the lives of the children who have come to reside there. Originally founded as an orphanage, it transitioned to a home for children of families in crisis in 1968. Licensed to accept children from age three to twelve, the children who come to St. Charles are referred by the Division for Children, Youth and Families.

It is the goal of the home to help in the rehabilitation of the family unit first by helping the children learn new behavioral skills and, secondly, by helping parents augment their parenting abilities. Though the hope is for reunification, this is, unfortunately, not always possible. In many cases, the children remain at the home or are placed in foster care until another permanent placement can be found.

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